I'm Adrian Gonzales, a creative technologist in Houston, Texas, spending my professional time guiding VC-backed companies and SMEs through the constantly shifting worlds of Martech, SalesOps and web technology.

Currently, I'm leading product and technology direction at MarketMuscles, where we're building the best all-in-one martial arts & fitness website & marketing platform. Serving thousands of businesses worldwide, I provide experience and insight to our development, sales and support teams.

Previously, I provided strategic and engineering direction at HUSL Digital. I lead the development team, architected client systems, wrote custom applications and generally saved the day for firms including Elastic, Chartboost, SumoLogic, and DataCore.

Over 20+ years of software engineering and user experience design, I've partnered with agencies like SapientRazorfish, Publicis, Wrecking Ball, and Condensed, to deliver globally impactful work for brands such as Adobe, United, Time Warner Cable, BestBuy, and Tough Mudder.

Vir Ex Machina [wir eks mahkhina]

(man through the machine)

There's a well-known Latin term: “Deus Ex Machina", borrowed from ancient Greek theater and translable to “god from the machine".

Playwrights used the appearance of a gifted individual to bring resolution to a storyline that was hopelessly complicated.

This is the concept that guides me, I work to be the force that answers the unknowable and resolves the unresolvable.